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some instruction would be nice

Does not work.The free one worked better.A waste of 2 dollars.

Very sad

This is garbage Im so disappointed. Dont get screwed.


Not worth the money it dont work what a crap app I want my money back

the spirits are bummed

The planchette is too small for two people to touch and it also will follow the direction of one persons fingers, therefore not a very good indicator of the supernatutal or natural.

Ouija board

Stupid the indicator follows ones touch and its not that fun because two people cant fit their finger on it. Its not good waste of money.

Spirits and people agree - "Talking Board" is a winner!!!

“Talking Board” for the iPhone/iTouch stands out in this app field by giving you a variety of choices. Not only does it bring this pop icon into the 21st century, but this single app gives you twenty different talking board designs to choose from! Simply tap the board to find the one that suits you best and begin your session. When you need a second opinion just take out your iPhone/iTouch and launch this app. “Talking Board” is thoughtfully designed and works well. If how your talking board looks gives you a better connection to the great beyond than this app is for you. Seriously, why be constrained by just one talking board when you can have twenty to choose from? With “Talking Board” you can change your board as often as you change your mind. With so much for so little how can you go wrong?

its ok

its an ok app but its not worth that much

total waste of money

I dont think the iPhone has any "spirits" in it that will respond, so youre pretty much paying for a new file in your computers recycle bin. Of course you could trick a less than stupid person into believing a spirit is in the room by moving it over letters yourself.

A real ouija board

It dont work you have to have a real one to work I had one it realy work

Not bad

This isnt too bad. I used it and i had fun with it. If any of you take it too seriously you will be disappointed. I love using my own photo for the board. I kept asking its name and it keeps saying Vic

Use at ur own risk

U kno me being a horny Asian girl decided to buy this app to mess around . Well turns out it does I talked to my dead grama the board even knew my gramas name which is "chowmein" I got soo scared I deleted the app from my iPhone

Talking Board

The board really works, especially if you have intuition. It seems to only work with me, if anyone else tries it, it simply stops. The voice is annoying and doesnt make sense. The pictures you can put in the background give a nice touch, except that I can only use one of the board images that comes with this app. Overall, its really great and answers completely my questions.

ouija board user

This is a great app--every update has been useful. The only problem I have encountered is that I cannot permanently change to the board that I like to use. Every time I exit and re-enter the app, I have to re-select the board. Also, sometimes when I select a new board, the app will make the change on the selection screen, but will change back to the default board when I go back to the main screen. Overall, this is a great app, and I would recommend it to anyone.


This app is horrible dont buy it

Talking Ouija Board

Doesnt work well or not at all. Obviously no fun.


Dont buy it its not worth the money

Fun but a Toy

The problem is, no ouija can really work on a phone because its supposed to move by itself, but that really doesnt happen here. I guess it would have to be coded in and that wouldnt be right, ya know? Code isnt spirits :) Anyway its really nice looking and good Ina pinch and also to lol @ the fact you have a board on your phone is good enough. Noor  tho.


Does not work right for me

Current version

I have a feeling Satan is on the verizon network. This app. Is difficult to use, and provided no paranormal activity, nor any type of possesion whatsoever. Very dissapointing.


It was really accurate warning me to stay away from a person it even gave me a name . Needless to say I met the person it named several days later it warned me about them being crazy psycho . It was very accurate about the person!

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